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Fernando´s Kaffee

Fernando's Kaffee is rooted in the time-honored tradition of the bohemian coffeehouse, a sanctuary where non-conformists and other irreverent types gather and engage in lively debate under the invigorating smell of freshly roasted coffee. Amidst the swirling smoke of crackling coffee seeds a magical transformation occurs, uniting people who may not agree on anything but the importance of quality coffee . . . which lingers when the smoke clears. As coffee brews, so do dreams and ideas, fueling revolutions--not just industrial--but ideological as well. And what could be more revolutionary along the coffee supply chain than for everybody to profit? Therefore, instead of adding to the coffee cacophony over what constitutes "fairness in trade" we wield our "SmarTrade"® sword to slash the proverbial "Gordian Knot" and, provide:

Quality, quality, quality (our mantra)

Products with as much added value as possible. An interactive network between the farmers, Fernando's alchemists, DHL, and you. We offer 100 % traceability along the whole supply chain.

"Decommoditization" of quality coffee (Death to crappy coffee!) "SmarTrade"® marketing brings back to the country considerably more money than conventional trade or so-called "fairness in trade", improves the farmers' bargaining position, and in turn, betters both their communities and Guatemala.

coffee roasters cafe and restaurant in antigua guatemala

"Best coffee I've ever had!"

After spending 8 months touring Guatemala and consuming hundreds of cups, and after working for over a decade with coffee in the United States, I got lost in Aintigua on my way back to the airport and stumbled into Fernando's to ask for directions. The gluten free pastries caught my eye and they are on par with any gluten free...

“The best way to start your day in Antigua.”

We stayed in Antigua at the beginning and end of our Guatemala trip. Starting each day with coffee and breakfast at Fernando's Kaffee was a must. The staff is always very welcoming. If you're one who appreciates a good cup of coffee and quiet conversation, it is the place for you.

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The Finest Drugs on Earth:

Fernando´s Kaffee is the right place to find the finest drugs... They just happen to be legal -at least now and almost everywhere.

Our difference is that we provide a high quality variety of Drugs.

First we "SmartTrade"® our Coffee and add as much value as possible, so we can return to our country the most benefit we can. We can still improve it and we are trying and we will keep you posted about it.

Then we "SmartTrade"® our Cacao, transform it into the best chocolate we can, try to convert as many addicts as possible. We know, we are not the best, but we are trying harder and harder to improve, we'll keep you posted... But eventually you will be ours.

About the Cafe and Fernando...

What kind of cafe is Fernando's Kaffee?
Fernando is the owner of Kaffee Fernando's. As he says, "It's the kind of cafe where you can come and meet people from all over the world. You can disagree with everything everyone is saying, and still agree that you're having a nice time.

What brought you to Antigua?
I escaped Guatemala City in 2000. I had had a café in Guatemala City, but to succeed there, you didn't really have to have good coffee. You just had to have a flashy store, and that's not my thing. My wife had been listening to tourists – she's in that field – complain that they had come to Guatemala with really high expectations about the coffee, but that sometimes they were given instant coffee or something worse! So I thought, "OK, I'm wasting my time in the City. There are a lot of disappointed tourists, and if you have to pick one place for tourism, it's Antigua."

How did you get into the coffee business?
When I was coming of age and I would go to business meetings, I'd be offered coffee. Of course that coffee came from what I call a coffee killer or it was plain instant coffee. But I wouldn't say no because I had a baby face and I wanted to be perceived as someone serious, but I really despised it. And since that was coffee to me, I assumed that I didn't like it. Then in 1997, a book by Kenneth Davids about roasting coffee at home came into my hands, and that changed everything. I learned how to roast for myself, and I liked it so much that when I had the opportunity to change everything in my life, I thought: coffee.